Welcome to the personal website of Tracy Kolenchuk, aka Tracy O’Camera, author of Healthicine: The Arts and Sciences of Health and Healthiness..

Tracy O’Camera is an avid photographer of people and other moving objects. You can see over 100,000 of his photos here. His photographs have been published in newspapers, books and works of art. Tracy is also a writer, storyteller, lecturer, and blogger.

Tracy is the author of two book about healthicine: 

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Tracy Kolenchuk has many passions. He is a blogger, a speaker, a writer, and photographer, a swimmer, an outdoors man, sometimes an extroverted introvert, who is bored by television, preferring real life to nonsense. Tracy is a ‘culture vulture (in a nice way)’ who prefers live music to any CD or radio (although he does listen to CKUA on the way to and from performances). His favorite program is The Road Home.


As a photographer, he is known as Tracy O’Camera – his photography name – he photographs people and events. Music, dance , theatre and life. His photo website has over 90,000 photos, and over 12 million hits at present.Tracy makes thousands of his photos available for free to performers, presenters and friends via his event website. Tracy O’Camera is a nod to my Irish grandfather, George Whaley, who often said: “You can’t return a favour. Pass it on, and it will work its way around”.

As a writer, Tracy is active in the local Story Slam competitions, having won the slam on a few occasions. Tracy is a Toastmaster CTM, having completed the Competent Toastmaster program twice, for good measure. One of his stories is about to be published in the compendium of Edmonton writing about winter: 40 Below: Edmonton’s Winter Anthology.

An active volunteer for many organizations, some of his current activities include:

- Volunteer House Manager at the Yardbird Suite Jazz Club for 23 years
- Volunteer English as a second language instructor at CCI/LEXX. His heritage ranges from Canada and the USA, Ireland, the Ukraine and Romania, and Germany via Russia’s Volga river. His passport says Canada – he am a citizen and traveller of the world
- Volunteer photographer for many organizations, including Change For Children and the Edmonton branch of LEAF on their Person’s Day Breakfast, and CKUA Radio.

Tracy is a chessplayer, although no longer active in tournament competitions, where he achieved the designation of Candidate Master in tournament competitions and also in speed chess competitions.

Tracy worked for 30 years in computers at NAIT, and currently supports several websites, for his passions and for some friends.